Shopping & tradition in East Tyrol

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If you want to bring home even more from East Tyrol than lasting memories, you have a huge selection! We have put together tips for you on how you can immerse yourself even more intensely in the traditions of our region. The best thing about us is that you can combine shopping or traditional excursion destinations with a hike or a bike tour.

In the charming historical center of Lienz, you will find individual, stylish shops. Or do you prefer specialties such as Schlipfkrapfen, Tyrolean dumplings, alpine cheese, and bacon? This, in turn, calls for a glass of good East Tyrolean Pregler. Here, we have put together a list of highlights throughout East Tyrol, where you can find all these, and much more! Our team is also happy to provide you with tips anytime.

The city market in Lienz

In the upper historic district, the stands of regional producers are lined up every Friday from 1:00 to 6:30 pm and Saturday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm – pure enjoyment for all the senses! Here, you will find culinary souvenirs, can try East Tyrolean specialties, and you wouldn’t be the first guest to lose track of time while enjoying a glass of wine in the bars lining the market. Here, you can see the Mediterranean side of Lienz with its originality, down-to-earth nature, and value of East Tyrolean agriculture.


Distance from the hotel: 3km


In the historic Lienz Schweizergasse, you will find Johanna Wibmer’s ceramic studio and can take a peek over her shoulder as she works. For over 20 years, Johanna has been making functional ceramics in a style that has now become recognizable. In the shop in front of the studio, you can browse through countless pots and decorative objects to your heart’s content.  


Distance from the hotel: 3km

Virgen farm shop

There are numerous farm shops throughout East Tyrol, but the one in Virgen is special. The Virgen farm shop has more than 100 suppliers, the majority of which are women and the oldest one is 85 years old. She makes herbs, teas, liqueurs, and jams and knows many handed-down home recipes. But many young farmers from the region also sell their products here. From wonderful food – fresh, cooked, or dried – to handcrafts and decorative objects, you will find typical East Tyrolean products here. A visit to the shop can be wonderfully combined with a hike in the beautiful Virgental! The farm shop is not open every day – you can find the opening times here.


Distance from the hotel: 36 km


Known as "Tyrol’s first mountain pine oil distillery by the Unterweger brothers“, a visit to the Vitalpinum is definitely worth a day trip! The distillery, an unbelievably beautiful garden that enriches the senses, a field of medicinal herbs, as well as a playground offer tons of entertainment for visitors of all ages.


Distance from the hotel: 12 km

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Loacker World of Goodness in Heinfels

The “golden ticket” for all those with a sweet tooth: with an interactive exhibit, you can gain insight into South Tyrol’s traditional company Loacker, which has been producing the finest wafter specialties for almost 100 years. A hands-on pastry shop, a great cafe, and a playground make this excursion destination a memorable experience. In the Loacker store, you can purchase all of Loacker’s 200 specialties.


Distance from the hotel: 32 km

Villgrater Natur Haus in Innervillgraten

In the headquarters of the traditional business, Villgrater Natur, the best of wool and natural materials is meticulously handcrafted into home accessories, mattresses, bedding, and much more. The original nature of the Villgratental is now as it was back then the inspiration of this family business. On a tour through the wool processing plant, you can find out what a sheep has to do with our sleep. In the shop you can buy clothing, care products, and wonderful Villgrater Natur sleep and home accessories.


Distance from the hotel: 43 km

Mühlmann Couture

The Villgratental in East Tyrol is fertile ground – for traditional handcrafts as well as innovation. The Mühlmann fashion label is both. Here where time passes differently, the label has found its own rhythm – away from commercial fashion machinery. Manager Bernd Mühlmann founded the Mühlmann brand in 2008 together with his sisters Andrea and Katharina. With much know-how, he brought his father’s craft business into the present. He was ahead of his time right from the start. The label anticipated the latest trends such as regionality & sustainability as soon as it was founded. In the Mühlmann headquarters in Außervillgraten, you are guaranteed to find fashion for life.


Distance from the hotel: 36 km

The Duregger smithy in the upper historic district of Lienz

Rudl Duregger’s blacksmith shop, located on the Messinggasse, is a part of the cityscape of Lienz. The upper part of the old town is historically characterized by handcrafts and has preserved this ambiance to this day. Rudl has been running the blacksmith shop on the Messinggasse for almost 50 years, and his wife runs the associated “Alte Schmiede“ shop next door – probably one of the most photographed places in our district capital and always worth a visit. Please note: the blacksmith has his own individual opening times.


Distance from the hotel: 3 km

Bread baking course at the Joast organic bakery

Ernst Joast is East Tyrol’s only organic baker – his bread-baking art has already taken him all the way to Japan. There, he taught bread baking in an original stone oven from East Tyrol. You can learn how to do this in the middle of Lienz in the baking school of the Joast bakery on the Johannesplatz. The master baker will show you tips and tricks for bread baking at home. What you can also take with you: recipes, a jar of natural sourdough, and of course homemade bread. We will be happy to help you with registration.


Distance from the hotel: 2.8 km

The Schwarzer schnapps distillery in the middle of historic Lienz

During the town market on Friday and Saturday, a sign on Messinggasse 18 points the way across a backyard to the historic, lovingly restored schnapps cellar of Rudi and Romana Schwarzer, who are the 3rd generation to run the distillery. The schnapps specialist has already received numerous awards for its exceptional brandies and creations. In addition to classic fine brandies, which Rudi offers in many varieties, he has also created excellent vermouth and red bitters – the Aperol of East Tyrol.


Distance from the hotel: 3 km

The schnapps hike in Dölsach

An experience for the senses with alcohol and history: a historic, traditional schnapps cellar is starting point. An herb specialist will lead you through nature and point out the plants on the wayside, a blacksmith will show how metal in a glowing state is turned into objects of art and everyday use, and the schnapps distiller will demonstrate how liqueur was originally distilled in the forest. We will then make a last stop at Marinelli – in inn that cooks with only regional ingredients. Entertainment is guaranteed with the partnership of the Dorer schnapps distillery, Moser smithy, and Gasthaus Marinelli.


Distance from the hotel: 8.4 km

Tour of the Kuenz natural distillery

Fans of tasting will enjoy the 400-year old, lovingly restored farmhouse of the Kuenz family in Dölsach. What flourishes in the orchards is what is later made into traditional wines with innovation and experience. Tours and tastings are possible anytime with registration. The whisky from Naturbrennerei Kuenz has even received international awards.


Distance from the hotel: 8.8 km