Cultural vacation in East Tyrol

Historical legacy

East Tyrol has preserved its historical heritage: cultural monuments, historic mountain villages, castles, and museums, as well as traditional handcraft businesses are waiting to be discovered. Cultural highlights are not just limited to the district capital of Lienz – in the valleys you will also find museum facilities and excursion destinations that will culturally enrich your vacation in East Tyrol.


The archaeological park and a museum give insight into the everyday life and architecture of Roman times. Emperor Claudius (41 – 54 AD) promoted the settlement to a municipality (town), which flourished for over 2 centuries. At first, only a small part of the excavations were scientifically examined. In Aguntum there was a city wall, private and public buildings, and even a thermal bath. Today, the newly built cafe invites you to linger after an extensive tour of the outdoor facilities and the modern, impressive museum not far from our hotel.


Distance from the hotel: 6 km

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Schloss Bruck

Imposing and visible from a distance, Bruck Castle towers over the sunny city of Lienz. The castle is the former seat of the Counts of Gorizia, for whom the complex originally served as a refuge and defense facility then as a representative and administration building after a few renovations and additions. This is where the Counts of Gorizia resided followed by the Barons of Wolkenstein-Rodenegg. Under the ownership of the city since 1943, Bruck Castle today is the home to the museum of Lienz. In over 40 display rooms, you can admire the cultural heritage of East Tyrol and the architecture of the castle. The Egger-Lienz gallery houses the largest collection of works by local artists. The 2-story castle chape; from the 13th century with frescoes by painter Simon von Taisten is especially worth seeing. The outdoor facilities and castle pond also have a charming atmosphere! In the cafe, you can comfortably end your visit to this cultural highlight in the Dolomite city. 


Distance from the hotel: 4.4 km

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Railway museum

The railway museum can be found at the Lienz train station in the Südbahn-Heizhaus (Southern Railway engine shed). This locomotive shed, which has been preserved in an almost unchanged condition, was originally built to operate steam locomotives. It dates from the time when the Villach-Granzenfeste (South Tyrol) railway line with a length of 212 km was put into operation in 1871. A sight to see!


Distance from the hotel: 4 km

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Burg Heinfels

Experience culture with all the senses! The queen has much to tell. At the Hinefels Castle, architecture is impressively combined with the inhabitants of bygone times. The castle was once in the possession of the powerful Counts of Gorizia, later fell to Emperor Maximilian I von Habsburg, and was stormed and occupied during the Peasants’ War in 1525. From 2010 to 2016, the castle was extensively restored, and a museum was established. The chapel, built in 1280, with frescoes by Leonhard von Brixen, teacher of Simon von Taisten, is impressive. As part of the renovations, it received an exceptional ceiling according to the design and planning of architect Gerhard Mitterberger.


Distance from the hotel: 32 km

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City tour of Lienz

Evelyn Gander knows the historical background and the insider tips of the charming, lively district capital of Lienz. With excitement, she guides guests of all ages through the sunny city and immerses them in the cultural and historic highlights and the development of Lienz. No registration is required for participants, but the dates vary and can be found here.


Distance from the hotel: 3 km