The history of our hotel

From the beginning to now

The Dolomitenhof (formerly the Luner Gütl) was first mentioned in 1528 in a tax description as an “old tenancy at will under the governance of Lienz“. Lienhard Luner obtained this property in 1626. In 1872 with official approval, Lorenz Pärtler opened an inn. For a time, the inn went by the local name “Klamperer”. In 1929, railway employee Josef Reiter purchased the then economically-troubled estate (economic crisis) with his severance pay and the dowry from his wife thus fulfilling his life’s dream – to be a landowner and farmer.

The host - the Winkler family - the Dolomitenhof in Tristach

Your hosts

Since 2015, the Winkler family, a Lienz family of hoteliers, has been the new owners of the Dolomitenhof.


Excerpt from the “GehSchichte” project (the project now includes almost 50 informative panels and has been supplemented with additional interesting information about life in the "old days", the history of the association, and the circumstances of the time).   


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