Challenging hikes in East Tyrol

Hiking paradise

East Tyrol is a paradise for experienced mountain climbers with its 266 3,000-meter high peaks. Mountain climbers are especially drawn to the Großglockner – Austria’s highest mountain. As long as you have experience, you can choose from the following tours. Of course, we and mountains guides are available anytime for hiking tips. Which summit are you ready to conquer?

Spinevitrol 2,483 m

Insider tip from Helga Winkler*


There are many favorite places and favorite hikes for me. I was very impressed by the Spinevitrol in the Dorfertal in Kals. It is one of the many places in East Tyrol where you can gather strength and you can feel it as you are standing up there. The Schwarzkofelsee or the Karlsbader See also radiate peace and tranquility. What’s important to me is the rich variety of flowers, simply beautiful. [Helga]

The starting point for the hike to the Spinevitrol is the Spöttling / Taurer district in Kals. The hike leads through the Daberklamm and the flat Dorfertal with beautiful alpine meadows. From the Kalser Tauernhaus (after ca. 45 min.), the path leads on the left side of the valley to the Spinevitrol. The hiking path runs north of the Stotzbach up the mountain. The path, sometimes flat, sometimes through steep grassy slopes, then leads on a wide ridge to the highest point of the Spinevitrol.

Time-on-trail: ca. 3hrs.


The highest mountain hut in the Schober group delights hikers with its idyllic location on the Wangenitzsee and Kreuzsee in the Hohe Tauern National Park. The hike leads through the beautiful Debanttal, the longest self-contained high valley in the Alps. 


Route description: by car to the Seichenbrunn parking area in the Debanttal. Right past the parking lot on the right, a path with signposts for Wangenitzseehütte no. 939 leads toward the lower Seescharte and continues via the Raneralm along the Wiener Höhenweg and over the upper Seescharte to the Wangenitzalm.

Time-on-trail: ca. 3 hrs.

Große Kinigat 2,689 m

The Große Kinigat (italian Monte Cavallino) lies on the border between East Tyrol and the Italian province of Belluno and is the 3rd highest mountain in the Carnic Alps.  


Route description: by car to the parking area of the Klammerwirt (1,515m) in Kartitsch. Follow signs for the "Erschbaumertal-Große Kinigat" into the Erschbaumertal via the Tscharrhütte (alpine shelter) and farther southeast through the so-called Tscharre to the Mittersattel junction. From here, head to the Hintersattel (2,406m), up to the Filmoorsattel (2,440m) following signs for the "Kinigat" over scree slopes, and up to the mighty summit cross (2,689 m) with secured cables.

Time-on-trail: ca. 5 hrs.

Großglockner 3,798 m

First-class mountain climbing in Austria! Austria's highest summit is an unforgettable mountain experience and recommended only with the accompaniment of a mountain guide.


Starting point: parking area of the Lucknerhaus (1,920 m) in Kals.

Route description: along the "Alter Kalser Weg" past the Lucknerhütte & Stadlhütte, you will come to the Erzherzog-Johann-Hütte (Adlersruhe 3,454 m) via the Ködnitzkees secured by rope. With rope and crampons, you will continue over the "Glockner Leitl" to the rock face of the Kleinglockner. After you have crossed the Glocknerscharte, you are only 30 meters from the summit cross. This tour is very challenging and only for experienced mountain climbers, which is why we strongly recommend a mountain guide!

Time-on-trail: 2-day tour

Großvenediger 3,666 m

The 2nd highest mountain in Austria is the most famous summit in East Tyrol after the Glockner. A hike to the summit offers a gorgeous panoramic view of the Hohe Tauern National Park and its surrounding mountains including the Dolomites, the Dachstein Mountains, and more.  


Route description: the starting point is the Hinterbichl or the Wiesenkreuz parking lot (1,484 m). From here, you can take a taxi to the Johannis Hütte (2,121 m). This is where the ascent to the Defreggerhaus (2,964 m) begins, where a magnificent view of the glistening firn snow on the glaciers awaits you. The glacier begins after the Mullwitzaderl at an elevation of 3,241 m. Crampons, rope, and the accompaniment of an experienced mountain guide are definitely recommended!

Time-on-trail: ca. 7 to 8 hrs.

Lasörling 3,098 m

The Lasörling at an elevation of 3,098 m is a wonderful summit for hikers and mountain climbers. This day tour starts in Welzelach near Matrei. From here, you will continue into the Mullitztal and via the Stadleralm up to the extraordinary Lasörlinghütte (2,350 m). Via the Glauret Boden, a prehistoric mining area, you will reach the summit of the Lasörling - one of East Tyrol's most beautiful panoramic mountains. A splendid panoramic view of the Großglockner, Großvenediger, Ortler Alps, and Drei Zinnen is included.


Time-on-trail: day hike

Bonn-Matreier-Hütte 2,745 m

Route description: from the Budamerhof parking area to the Nilljochhütte. From here, continue into the Große Nilltal, where you will come to the Venediger trail via colorful meadows of flowers. The Bonn-Matreier-Hütte is within reach from here.


Time-on-trail: ca. 4 to 5 hrs.